What’s New for Developers: September 2023

Ba-dee-ya, codin’ in September… :notes: Welcome to our September developer recap. Some of the news in this month’s blog will be music to your ears. From the release of Terraform Provider v5.2.0 to mPulse error reporting for EdgeWorkers and a new cloud computing site in Europe, there’s a lot to discuss! Don’t forget to share your thoughts and insights below. Use the table of contents on the right to navigate the full list of updates.

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We have a few new community members who made it to the top of the community leaderboard! Congratulations to the new top 5, @clairemr , @jpayne , @David , @nexuspipe . and @GireeshDevaraddi . Thank you for your contributions!

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Developer Releases: Tools and Resources

Akamai Terraform Provider 5.2.0

Version 5.2.0 of Akamai Terraform Provider, which was released at the end of August, included important updates BotMan and PAPI and the addition of Cloud Wrapper and Client Lists.

For Cloud Wrapper, the added resources akamai_cloudwrapper_activation and akamai_cloudwrapper_configuration make it possible to use the activateCloud wrapper configuration, import Cloud Wrapper configuration activation, and create, read and update Cloud Wrapper configurations. We’ve added six data sources, such as akamai_cloudwrapper_capacities, which reads capacities available for the provided contract IDs, and akamai_cloudwrapper_locations which reads all locations.

For Client Lists, akamai_clientlist_list was added as a resource to create, update, and delete Client Lists, while akamai_clientlist_activation activates a client list. The added data source akamai_clientlist_lists reads Client Lists and supports filtering by name and/or types.

:arrow_right: Read the v5.2 release notes: Release v5.2.0 · akamai/terraform-provider-akamai · GitHub

Edgegrid Golang 7.2.0

The Edgegrid Golang release 7.2.0. offers CloudWrapper API support for ListCapacities, five configurations, including GetConfiguration, ListLocations, ListAuthKeys, ListCDNProviders, ListProperties, and ListOrigins. We’ve also added Client Lists API support, including but not limited to ClientLists like GetClientLists, and three activations. We’ve also added bot management API support for APPSEC, with custom client sequence: read and update.

:arrow_right: Read the v7.2 release notes: Release Edgegrid v7.2.0 release · akamai/AkamaiOPEN-edgegrid-golang · GitHub

mPulse Error Reports for EdgeWorkers

You can now view EdgeWorkers error reports in the mPulse App Error List and App Error Summary dashboards. These reports include data about EdgeWorkers errors generated due to JavaScript errors. You can also find additional information in the form of a JavaScript stack trace.

:arrow_right: Read the documentation: https://techdocs.akamai.com/edgeworkers/docs/mpulse

TechDocs: Search Improvements

We’ve made search improvements to the TechDocs site to better your experience, including filters by content type (for example, API reference) to narrow your initial search results. Featured links appear when searching for specific keywords, highlighting the most relevant content.

:arrow_right: Try it now: https://techdocs.akamai.com/home

Metadata Service Now Available in Open Beta

To make configuring compute instances faster and simpler than ever, we’ve developed a metadata service that is now in open beta and driven by cloud-init. Find out in which locations the beta is available and how to get started.

:arrow_right: Learn more: Metadata Service Now Available in Open Beta | Akamai

Akamai Opens Newest Cloud Computing Site in Stockholm

Have you heard about our newest cloud computing site in Stockholm?

Learn more about the new site and how to help test new sites and features.

:arrow_right: Find out more: Akamai Opens Newest Cloud Computing Site in Stockholm | Akamai

Latest Articles & Videos

Use Akamai security products? Join our experience research panel!

Attention developers! :mega: We’re looking for people to join our security products feedback panel. It’s a great way to have your voice heard and to provide valuable input on the design and improvement of our new security features.

:arrow_right: Learn more: https://discuss.akamai.com/t/use-akamai-security-products-join-our-experience-research-panel/

Gaming Infrastructure: Always Scrutinized but Always Moving Forward

Inspired by the upcoming Devcom event, @melissen discusses why gaming back-end development can be challenging and how current gaming infrastructure trends address some of those difficulties.

:arrow_right: Read the post: Gaming Infrastructure, always scrutinized but always moving forward

Akamai CLI Plugin – Investigate CDN Configurations and Traffic

Are you dealing with a large amount of CDN configurations and need visibility of all origins used, an overview of billed traffic, a list of hosts, and more?

Technical Advisor @Eric_Debeij has created a tool that helps you gain insight into your configs and traffic.

:arrow_right: Learn more: https://discuss.akamai.com/t/akamai-cli-plugin-investigate-cdn-configurations-and-traffic/

Migrating Top End Devs to Akamai Connected Cloud

Top End Devs published a walkthrough video detailing the transfer of their Ruby on Rails application from topenddevs.com to Akamai Connected Cloud, moving to Akamai’s services for cloud storage, web hosting, and database management. Watch the full process.

PowerShell Summit 2023: Building Applications With Infrastructure as Code

@tnassi discusses the fundamentals of infrastructure as code (IaC), its advantages, IaC tools, and shows a demo for using Akamai Connected Cloud and Terraform at the 2023 PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit.

New Generative AI Web Development Videos

In the third episode of his generative AI web development series, @ Austin Gil explores the use of HTTP streams, providing step-by-step instructions and highlighting key aspects of the backend logic.

:arrow_right: Watch the series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTnRtjQN5iebEL4mradRNuZHKY47H7LFy

New Blogs in the Cloud Computing Foundations Series

Read @tnassi’s most recent blogs in her Cloud Computing Foundations Series to learn about resource types, types of cloud environments, and cloud computing service models.

:arrow_right: Read Talia’s third blog: https://www.linode.com/blog/cloud-computing/introduction-to-resource-types-in-the-cloud/

:arrow_right: Read her fourth blog: Types of Cloud Environments | Akamai

:arrow_right: Read her fifth blog: Cloud Computing Service Models | Akamai

Upcoming Events

Don’t forget to check out our Upcoming Events section for the latest developer events to register for, including the Akamai World Tour, the Ludum Dare Game Jam, TechEx Europe, and our LearnK8s Lab series.

:arrow_right: View the calendar: Upcoming Events - Akamai Developer Discussion Forum

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