What’s New for Developers: October 2023

In parts of North America, spooky season is upon us :jack_o_lantern:. But October is also Cybersecurity Awareness Month in the United States, a month dedicated to making you more prepared when encountering security issues. We’ve got you covered with helpful new articles and a webcast series on security. Read more about this and get details on our new core compute regions, the most recent Terraform Provider and CLI release, updates to Edgegrid Golang, HTTPIE, and Node, and the new Property Manager API (PAPI) Postman Collection.

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Developer Releases: Tools and Resources

Terraform Provider 5.3.0 & CLI 1.9.1

We’ve got two notable Terraform releases for you. Terraform Provider release 5.3 includes feature updates and bug fixes for delivery and security. Click below for the detailed release notes.

Terraform Provider CLI version 1.9.1 includes bug fixes for CPS, Identity and Access Management (IAM), and PAPI, including adding missing fields to akamai_property_builder for origin and siteShield behaviors.

:arrow_right: Read the Terraform Provider v5.3 release notes: Release v5.3.0 · akamai/terraform-provider-akamai · GitHub

:arrow_right: Read the Terraform CLI v1.9.1 release notes: Release v1.9.1 · akamai/cli-terraform · GitHub

Edgegrid Golang, HTTPIE, & Node Updates

We released multiple updates to Edgegrid. Edgegrid Golang version 7.3.0, includes an update for ClientLists to GetClientListResponse and UpdateClientListResponse to include GroupID. For GTM, we’ve added the custom error ErrNotFound that can be used to check if the GTM API returned a 404 not found error. For HAPI, we’ve added GetChangeRequest and updated the yaml.v3 dependency.

Edgegrid HTTPIE version 2.1.3 includes an update to the urllib3 tool and updates to test dependencies. Edgegrid Node release 3.4.2 fixes a bug in which the default body in the requests was set to ‘’ (empty) and includes updates to various dependencies.

:arrow_right: Read the EdgeGrid Golang v7.3 release notes: Release Edgegrid v7.3.0 release · akamai/AkamaiOPEN-edgegrid-golang · GitHub

:arrow_right: Read the HTTPIE release notes: Release v2.1.3 · akamai/httpie-edgegrid · GitHub

:arrow_right: Read the Node release notes: Release v3.4.2 · akamai/AkamaiOPEN-edgegrid-node · GitHub

GetHeaders() Method Now Supports All EdgeWorkers Event Handlers

We are pleased to announce that the getHeaders() method for the Response Object now supports all EdgeWorkers event handlers.

:arrow_right: Read the documentation: https://techdocs.akamai.com/edgeworkers/docs/request-object#getheaders

Property Manager API (PAPI) Postman Collection 1.0

The Property Manager API (PAPI) v1 Postman collection is now available! Try the API, build workflows, and stay on top of development changes. You can find a Postman button for each operation in the Property Manager API section or access the full collection in Akamai’s Postman Workspace. Not familiar with Postman? Learn how to use collections.

:arrow_right: View the collection: Postman

:arrow_right: Learn about collections: https://techdocs.akamai.com/developer/docs/postman-make-api-calls

New PAPI Parameter– “delayValidations”

More news for the PAPI users among you: We have a new Property Manager API (PAPI) request body parameter, delayValidations! Wanna learn more? Click the link.

:arrow_right: Read the post: https://discuss.akamai.com/t/new-papi-parameter-delayvalidations/

Akamai Expands World’s Most Distributed Cloud Network with New Core Compute Regions Across Asia, Europe, North America, and Latin America

We’ve been launching so many new core compute regions across the world that it can be hard to keep up! Not only did we launch a new site in Seattle, WA but also expanded into Milan, Italy, Osaka, Japan, and Chennai, India. Deploying workloads closer to your home can make a big difference for performance. Read our press release about our network expansion and learn more about each new core region below.

:arrow_right: Read our press release: https://www.akamai.com/newsroom/press-release/akamai-expands-world-s-most-distributed-cloud-network-with-new-c

:arrow_right: Learn about the Seattle site: Deploy Workloads in Seattle (New Compute Core Region) | Akamai

:arrow_right: Read about the Milan and Osaka sites:

:arrow_right: Learn about the Chennai region:

Cloud-init Metadata is now in General Availability

Great news: Akamai’s Metadata service is now available in select data centers. Use it to automate system configuration. You can add instructions or scripts when starting up Compute Instances. This user data can then be used with cloud-init (an industry standard system setup tool) or accessed with the Metadata API. For help using the service and to view supported regions and distributions, read our documentation.

:arrow_right: Read the documentation: Overview of the Metadata Service | Linode Docs

Latest Articles & Videos

Security Cannot Be an Afterthought in Your DevOps Pipeline

An autoscaling GraphQL API endpoint can provide a powerful solution, but security cannot be forgotten. Check out Developer Champion @Alex_Leung’s post to learn how to avoid common security pitfalls.

:arrow_right: Read it here: https://discuss.akamai.com/t/security-cannot-be-an-afterthought-in-your-devops-pipeline-take-graphql-api-as-an-example/

EdgeWorkers CSP: Cutting Latency, Not Security

For organizations striving to protect their websites and web applications, the Content Security Policy (CSP) web browser feature is an important tool. Check out this informative post by Developer Champion @Phil to learn more about how CSP can offer additional security and improve latency when used with EdgeWorkers.

:arrow_right: Learn more: https://discuss.akamai.com/t/edgeworkers-csp-cutting-latency-not-security/

Check your image processing devops pipeline: Have you cleansed away sensitive EXIF data yet?

Do you work with a lot of creative assets? If so, make sure to read this post by @Alex_Leung about removing sensitive data from your images:

:arrow_right: Read the post: https://discuss.akamai.com/t/check-your-image-processing-devops-pipeline-have-you-cleansed-away-sensitive-exif-data-yet/

Any releases that you’re especially excited about? Let us know below.