What’s New for Developers: March 2024

Hey Akamai developers! We’re glad to have you back here to learn about our latest updates. This month, we have a bunch of releases and so much great content that we don’t even know where to start - our new Terraform Provider release, our new feature for mPulse, or a guide on how geolocation can help with ad targeting? Read on for all of this and more.

Community Highlights

Top 5 Members of the Month

Congrats to our new top community members. This time, @luca.agostini made it to the very top of the leaderboard, followed by @j.hoekstra , @jwkersey , @borgil , and @scuba_steve . Borgil joined our community recently, asking how to get Akamai mPulse data into Google Cloud Storage. Jwkersey also joined us recently with a request for tips on creating a new cert enrollment using the API in Postman, while luca.agostini, j.hoekstra, jwkersey, and scuba_steve have been members for a while. Thank you all for posting and reading the news and other content that we share!

Developer Releases: Tools and Resources

Terraform Provider 5.6.0

In our first Terraform Provider release of 2024, Terraform Provider 5.6.0., we released several features, enhancements, and bug fixes. We updated Appsec with retries in the akamai_appsec_activations and akamai_networklist_activations resources and reactivation support for akamai_appsec_activations if the config was deactivated manually.

For Cloudlets, we added support for shared Cloudlets policies, validation to prevent changing the immutable cloudlet_code field, and support for importing policies without any version, in addition to new data sources for akamai_cloudlets_policy_activation - read and akamai_cloudlets_shared_policy - read. In addition, we have made changes to the akamai_cloudlets_policy_activation resource, including added support for shared (V3) policies.

Read the full release notes for information on changes to DNS, EdgeWorkers, GTM, IVM, and PAPI.

:arrow_right: Read the release notes: Release v5.6.0 · akamai/terraform-provider-akamai · GitHub

Terraform CLI 1.12.0

We recently released Terraform CLI version 1.12.0, which includes changes to Cloudlets, EdgeWorkers, IVM, and PAPI and fixes an issue where advanced exceptions were not generated for Rules or Risk Groups.

:arrow_right: Read the 1.12.0 release notes: Release v1.12.0 · akamai/cli-terraform · GitHub

mPulse Feature Release - INP

Our mPulse team recently announced full support for Interaction to Next Paint (INP) in the mPulse UI. INP, which measures responsiveness, is seen to be a better indicator of responsiveness than First Input Delay.

:arrow_right: Learn more: mPulse Feature Release - INP - Akamai mPulse Developer Blog

Akamai’s Cloud Computing Expansion in Madrid

Akamai’s cloud computing reach continues to expand, and our 25th core compute region, Madrid, Spain, is now in general availability. Find out what features and services are available at the Madrid data center by reading our blog.

:arrow_right: Learn more: https://www.linode.com/blog/linode/akamais-cloud-computing-expansion-in-madrid/

Latest Articles & Videos

Don’t Bet Your Cybersecurity on a Single Line of Defense

History suggests that leaning too much on a single line of defense can result in failure. @Alex_Leung provides an example of how hardening one’s login API while relaxing other aspects of one’s security posture may lead to cybersecurity risks.

:arrow_right: Read more: Don’t Bet Your Cybersecurity on a Single Line of Defense: The Story of an Over-Confident Login API

Distributed Relational Database on Akamai Connected Cloud

Managing massive databases from disparate locations may be tough. Traditional relational databases frequently fail to scale efficiently, resulting in reduced performance and flexibility. @Juan_Alfonso explains why this is where distributed SQL databases, such as Yugabyte, excel.

:arrow_right: Read the full post: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/distributed-relational-database-akamai-connected-de-la-chica-moral-0n6jf%3FtrackingId=MbVcql4q5rPNMv8GgQIPVA%253D%253D/

Push- vs. Pull-Based Architecture in GitOps

Choosing the most efficient tools and practices when designing or implementing GitOps can be challenging. @agil offers guidance on determining whether a push-based or a pull-based approach works better for your GitOps strategy.

:arrow_right: Read more: https://www.linode.com/blog/devops/push-vs-pull-based-architecture-in-gitops/

Location, Location, Location: Maximizing Ad Impact with Akamai EdgeWorkers

Wondering how to maximize ad impact with Akamai EdgeWorkers, using geolocation? Learn how to tailor customer experiences and implement effective geolocation strategies to connect with audiences worldwide in @tnassi ‘s latest blog.

:arrow_right: Learn more: Location, Location, Location: Maximizing Ad Impact with Akamai EdgeWorkers

From Code to Cloud: Unpacking DeveloperWeek

Two of our Developer Advocates recently demoed our new VPC offering at the DeveloperWeek Akamai booth. Read about some of @tnassi 's personal event favorites, including @ Billy Thompson’s session on preventing vendor lock-in and his excellent Farmer’s Market analogy!

:arrow_right: Read the blog: DeveloperWeek Conference

I Deployed My Own Cute Lil’ Private Internet (a.k.a. VPC)

@agil ‘s demo at DeveloperWeek showed folks how to launch their own VPC with Akamai and Terraform, and you won’t believe the difference it makes! Dive into his latest demo at, where he built a Pokémon dashboard to demonstrate the power of Virtual Private Clouds for enhanced security.

:arrow_right: Read the blog:

The Ultimate Akamai Observability Solution

Developers rely on Akamai for app and API security but may encounter issues like data storage and compliance. Discover the benefits of Hydrolix’s TrafficPeak.

:arrow_right: Read more: https://blog.securitylevelup.eu/the-ultimate-akamai-observability-solution

How to Set up a Custom Domain for Linode Object Storage

If you’ve ever wondered how to set up a custom domain for Linode Object Storage, you should check out this blog by Hashnode user Chaiwei.

:arrow_right: Read the full post: How to setup custom domain for Linode object storage

Managing Resources and Creating Templates with Terraform | Building and Scaling with IaC

In his most recent series, @justinmitchel explains how to set up and use Terraform as an IaC (Infrastructure as Code) tool. In the final episode, Justin demonstrates various ways to manage resources and create templates using Terraform, covering scripting, locals, external files, IP addresses, and Ansible inventory files.

Using Cloud-Init to Easily Preconfigure Your Instances | Starting Instances with Defined Variables

KeepItTechie explores cloud-init, a tool for automating cloud server configurations. He shows how cloud-init saves time and effort, and ensures consistent configurations, similar to Ansible.

What would you like to see in future updates? Let us know.