What’s New for Developers: June 2023

Welcome to Discuss, our new developer discussion space! In this monthly series, we share what’s happening across the Akamai Developer Community.

In June, we released Terraform Provider 4.0 and Terraform CLI 1.6, EdgeWorkers Golang 6.0, and a new EdgeWorkers use case demo. Read on to catch up on all of this and more.

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Developer releases: tools and resources

Terraform Provider 4.0 and Terraform CLI 1.6

We’ve released new versions of Terraform Provider and Terraform CLI. Breaking changes for Terraform Provider include updates to the Appsec malware policy and removal of the cpc_prefix in the akami_cp_code resource from PAPI. We’ve also added features and enhancements including the ability to deactivate EdgeWorkers versions upon EdgeWorkers deletion and improved variable evaluation logic in the akamai_property_rules_template data source for PAPI.

We migrated the Terraform CLI to Terraform 1.3.7., added functionality for flag schema to work with the include sub-command as well with the with-includes flag, and fixed two bugs.

:arrow_right: Read about Terraform Provider 4.0: Release v4.0.0 · akamai/terraform-provider-akamai · GitHub

:arrow_right: Read about Terraform CLI 1.6: Release Version 1.6.0 (May 31, 2023) · akamai/cli-terraform · GitHub

Edgegrid Golang 6.0

The Edgegrid Golang 6.0.0 release includes breaking changes to Appsec, Cloudlets, and PAPI, as well as bug fixes.

:arrow_right: Read the release notes: Release Edgegrid v6.0.0 release · akamai/AkamaiOPEN-edgegrid-golang · GitHub

New EgeWorkers Use Case Demo

Looking for EdgeWorkers use cases? Our new example, GET SET Cookie, implements an EdgeWorker that will respond with a welcome message if it is saved in a cookie. If not, it will ask the user to enter their name.

:arrow_right: Try it here: https://www.edgecompute.live/

Latest articles and videos

We Love Speed 2023 Videos

Web Protocols for Frontend Developers — Robin Marx

Robin Marx delivered a talk at We Love Speed 2023 on misunderstood modern network protocols and tips for improving web performance.

Noise Canceling RUM — Tim Vereecke

Did you miss Tim Vereecke’s talk on noise canceling RUM (Real User Monitoring) and using Human Visible Navigations at We Love Speed 2023?

No worries.

The Surprisingly Deep World of Web Forms

Developer Advocate Austin Gil was recently a guest on Compressed.fm podcast. Compressed.fm is a weekly podcast about web design and development with James Q Quick, a JavaScript developer and teacher, and Amy Dutton, the Creative Director at Zeal. In this episode, you’ll learn how leveraging JavaScript for forms and browser APIs can lead to increased accessibility and extended browser behavior.

:arrow_right: Listen here: Compressed.fm

OWASP Top 10 API Security Risks | 2023 Edition is finally here!

OWASP released the Top 10 API Security Risks and our Senior Developer Advocate Mike Elissen contributed to the list.

He has also created an in-depth article on what has changed compared to the 2019 edition.

:arrow_right: Learn more: OWASP Top 10 API Security Risks | 2023 Edition is finally here!

Build Your Own (BYO) Autoscaling Solution using Open Source Tools on Akamai’s Cloud Computing Services

Find out how you can build your own auto scaling solution on Akamai’s cloud computing services using open source tools, such as Prometheus, Grafana, and Jenkins, in this article by our developer champion Deepak.

:arrow_right: Read more: Build Your Own (BYO)Autoscaling Solution using Open Source Tools on Akamai’s cloud computing services(Linode) | by Deepak | Jun, 2023 | Medium

What are Kubernetes Annotations?

Kubernetes Annotations are used to add additional information about resource details or how to integrate with external systems. Brandon Kang offers examples on how to use annotations for storing information like image registry URLs and configuration changes.

:arrow_right: Read the blog: What are Kubernetes Annotations?. Annotations in Kubernetes are metadata… | by Brandon Kang | Jun, 2023 | Medium

Terraforming Kubernetes Series

In his Terraforming Kubernetes series, @CodingEntrepreneurs introduces the fundamentals of integrating Terraform with Kubernetes on Linode. In this first episode, Justin explains how to get started, create your project directory, and configure Linode.

:arrow_right: View the playlist: Terraform and Kubernetes with Justin Mitchel - YouTube

:arrow_right: Subscribe to our channel: Linode - YouTube

What release, article, or video are you most excited about from June?

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These are always very interesting to read and hear the latest news for Akamai Developers!

Are there any plans to have this also published on the Akamai Developers blog like previous months?
(e.g. https://www.akamai.com/blog/developers/whats-new-for-developers-may-2023 ) or will these only be in this forum going forwards?

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Thanks for sharing your feedback. :slightly_smiling_face: These are going to be posted here in this forum only, going forward.

This link EdgeCompute Live link seems cool to try out the edgeworkers in a quick and easy manner! Nice!

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@kdesineedi Thank you for your comment. :slight_smile: Yeah, there are some other nice examples that you can find on the site, besides the one mentioned in this post.