What’s New for Developers: July 2023

Welcome to the developer recap, where we share what’s happening across the Akamai Developer Community.

This month’s recap is jam-packed with new developer releases and useful tips and tricks. After launching our discussion space in late June, we’re excited to celebrate our first two community members who earned a New Users of the Month badge. But that’s not all! We also released Terraform Provider 4.1 and 5.0, EdgeWorkers Golang 7.0, and a new EdgeWorkers use case. Catch up on all the updates below.

Community Highlights

New Users of the Month

Congrats to our first New Users of the Month, @Mike (Mike Kasprzak) and @nexuspipe (Andy)! This badge is granted to recognize two new users each month for their excellent contributions, measured by how often their posts were liked and by whom.

New User of the Month badge, which shows a blue figure with an orange-and-blue badge with a star

You may already know Mike as the organizer of the Ludum Dare game developer events (powered by Akamai), which take place multiple times a year. You can find information on when to join the next Ludum Dare Game Jam and RSVP on our calendar.

Check out our interview with Mike for our Developer’s Edge series to learn more about him.

Andy is the CTO of Nexuspipe and one of our Green Light beta program participants. Andy mentioned in his introduction that he would love to “make this an environment where everyone is able to share their projects, ask questions and learn” and then followed up with sharing a great post on increasing throughput on Linux. Give it a read: Increasing throughput on Linux!

Top 5 Members of the Month

As you may know, we have a community leaderboard that ranks users by how many points they have accrued via posting and interacting in the community.

Please give a round of applause to our current top 5, @Mike , @EmanueleC , @nexuspipe , @eva2000 , and @jpayne !

Our leaderboard is constantly evolving, so it may be your turn to shine next month.

New Green Light badges are here!

This is a great time to join the Green Light beta program. Just in time for our upcoming data center launches, we created new badges to recognize the great work that our beta testers are doing.

:arrow_right: Learn more: New Green Light badges are here! ✨

Developer releases: tools and resources

Terraform Provider 4.1 and 5.0

The Akamai Terraform Engineering team continues to work on improving the Akamai Terraform Provider experience, recently releasing versions 4.1 and 5.0.

Terraform Provider version 4.1.0., was a minor update, with new data sources being added to allow you to get datacenter or datacenters information.

Version 5.0 introduced several great improvements on how to manage your Akamai properties. We’ve made changes to data sources and resources in the DataStream 2 V2 API, changed default value of auto_acknowledge_rule_warnings to false in akamai_property_activation resource for PAPI, removing undocumented support for configuring provider with environment variables, and removing deprecated schema fields and resources. Read more about the features and enhancements and bug fixes launched with this release on GitHub.

:arrow_right: Read about Terraform Provider 4.1: Release v4.1.0 · akamai/terraform-provider-akamai · GitHub

:arrow_right: Read about Terraform Provider 5.0: Release v5.0.0 · akamai/terraform-provider-akamai · GitHub

Edgegrid Golang 7.0

Don’t miss out on the benefits that Edgegrid v7.0 brings! This release features updated connectors details in DataStream 2 API v2, an update to GetProperties, GetDatasetFields, CreateStream, GetStream, UpdateStream, DeleteStream, and ListStreams methods - plus updated Activate, Deactivate, ActivationHistory, and Stream details.

Read the release notes for more information on the update to geo control, bug fixes, and more.

:arrow_right: Read the release notes: Release Edgegrid v7.0.0 release · akamai/AkamaiOPEN-edgegrid-golang · GitHub

EdgeWorkers Code Profiler Support for Cold Starts

The EdgeWorkers Code Profiler provides information on the CPU performance and memory usage of your EdgeWorks code. You can now configure the Code Profiler to run the EdgeWorkers initialization code first. Cold start execution profiling data includes information about code that runs outside of an EdgeWorkers event handler. These insights can be used to help improve the wall time consumption of your code during EdgeWorkers events.

:arrow_right: Read about EdgeWorkers Code Profiler: https://techdocs.akamai.com/edgeworkers/docs/edgeworkers-code-profiler

:arrow_right: Read about resource tier limitations: https://techdocs.akamai.com/edgeworkers/docs/resource-tier-limitations

EdgeWorkers HTML Rewriter and Store Locator Demos

We’ve added two new use cases to the EdgeWorkers demo site. You can now learn how to execute the store locator in a serverless function with EdgeWorkers in our new TechDocs article and try the new “Store Locator” use case on our demo site.

:arrow_right: Try them here: https://www.edgecompute.live/

TechDocs: All APIs Page

We’ve made some significant changes to our TechDocs page to improve your experience as a developer. We now have an All APIs directory so you now have access to a centralized location for all your API needs.

:arrow_right: Visit the All APIs page: https://techdocs.akamai.com/home/page/apis

Latest articles

Postman 2023 State of the API Report

Postman’s State of the API Report is the world’s largest and most comprehensive survey on APIs. This year’s Report also covers API monetization and generative AI now that designing APIs for machines is increasing in importance.

:arrow_right: Read the full report: 2023 State of the API Report | Brought to You by Postman

How-To: Optimizing Social Media Images With IVM and og:image

Unlock the secrets to optimizing your social media images using IVM and og:image, with this Dev Tip by @Scalemates :

:arrow_right: Learn more: How-To: Optimizing Social Media Images With IVM and og:image

Improve SEO with Akamai and Prerender.io

Did you know Akamai can be used in conjunction with Prerender to improve your SEO and make sure that search engines can see all those useful JavaScript tags when they crawl your site? @Scalemates explains how.

:arrow_right: Read more: Improve SEO with Akamai and prerender.io

Turn Your Akamai Property Into a Terraform Configuration in Less Than 1 Minute

The Akamai Terraform CLI allows you to export your existing Akamai properties into a Terraform configuration file in less than a minute. Developer Advocate @melissen shows you how in this quick video.

:arrow_right: Watch the video: Turn your Akamai property into a Terraform configuration in less than 1 minute!

Increasing Throughput on Linux

Community member @nexuspipe shared steps to enable the BBR (Bottleneck Bandwidth and Round-trip time) congestion control algorithm in Linux to deliver content faster. Find out how to increase your own traffic throughput.

:arrow_right: Read it here: Increasing throughput on Linux!

Improve Performance and SEO by Tuning for Crawlers

Crawling and indexing are essential in helping search engines deliver relevant pages to users. Still, it’s crucial to understand how to assist crawlers in accessing the information they need faster - thereby boosting SEO results.

In this article, @Scalemates shows you how to use Akamai Bot Manager to boost performance and get your updates in SEO results faster.

:arrow_right: Learn more: Improve Performance and SEO by Tuning for Crawlers

Text Fragments Are a Thing

Did you ever want to share a specific portion of a text in a web document without having the person that you shared the link with having to scroll through the entire page? If so, @agil might have just the solution for you. Read his post to learn how to get the right syntax to share a text fragment.

:arrow_right: Read the post: Text fragments are a thing

Why HTTP/3 is Eating the World

After its official release last year, HTTP/3’s adoption rate on web servers and networks worldwide has been rapidly increasing. Learn more about HTTP/3 and the QUIC protocol in this blog post by @rmarx .

:arrow_right: Read more: https://pulse.internetsociety.org/blog/why-http-3-is-eating-the-world

Do you have anything that you’ve created that you would like to share? What’s your favorite announcement or tip this month?

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