What’s New for Developers: February 2024

New year, new developer updates! Dive into Akamai’s Virtual Private Cloud, explore the most recent Edgegrid Golang release, learn about Request Client Hints, and boost your security and web performance knowledge with our latest articles and videos.

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New User of the Month

Congrats to @AJCxZ0 (Andrew) for being our first New User of the Month of 2024! Andrew provided great feedback on our forum footer that we used to make some adjustments. We love to receive suggestions, so thank you, Andrew! Don’t miss Andrew’s creative introduction, featuring a series of shots from 2001: A Space Odyssey to symbolize deploying a Nanode.

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Top 5 Members of the Month

@Mahlo , one of our newest members, a network engineering student, who’s looking to learn from others on the network engineering journey, is currently at the top of our community leaderboard. He’s followed by @borgil , @luca.agostini , @David , @j.hoekstra , @jpayne , and @scuba_steve .

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Developer Releases: Tools and Resources

Akamai’s VPC is Now in General Availability

Akamai’s VPC has left the open beta and is now in general availability. Read @justinux’s announcement to learn more.

To give you more insight into VPC, @tnassi started a blog series. In her most recent blog post, she leads you through the steps of creating a VPC and dynamically adding subnets using Terraform.

:arrow_right: Read the announcement: Akamai’s VPC is Now in General Availability | Akamai

:arrow_right: Read Talia’s post: Crafting a Resilient VPC Landscape using Terraform

Edgegrid Golang 7.6.0

We released Edgegrid Golang 7.6.0, which features enhanced error handling when the error is not in the standard format, added Cloudlets V3 API support, and updates for EdgeWorkers, DNS, GTM, and IVM.

:arrow_right: Read the release notes: Release Edgegrid v7.6.0 release · akamai/AkamaiOPEN-edgegrid-golang · GitHub

Request Client Hints

The User-Agent HTTP header, which contains client information, can be used by a website to track client behavior, however, a client can manipulate the host by pretending to be another client in order to gain private information. To protect user privacy, browser developers are deprecating this header, with Google Chrome introducing the Client Hints method to request specific client information.

Our Client Hints support includes two new behaviors. Request Client Hints allows you to request specified client hints data for the host, whereas Permissions-Policy allows you to delegate access to the same data to <iframe> documents accessible by the host.

For information on how to set it up, check out the the Property Manager documentation.

:arrow_right: Read the documentation: https://techdocs.akamai.com/property-mgr/docs/request-client-hints

Latest Articles & Videos

Path of Least Resistance: Attacks on Weakly-Configured Subdomains

@Alex_Leung demonstrates in his most recent post why subdomains might provide malicious actors with a short road to success. Read his post to discover how to analyze your own attack surface.

:arrow_right: Read more:


JSON Web Tokens With No Expiration Date: API Security Issues

Missing “exp” in JSON Web Tokens can result in security vulnerabilities! @Alex_Leung addresses the issue in this piece, which includes a real-world example for illustration.

:arrow_right: Read more:


Pointless May Not Be Harmless: The Story of a Login Page With a Blank Security Question

Did you know that a seemingly harmless blank security question page can pose DoS and DDoS risks? Learn more in this post by @Alex_Leung .

:arrow_right: Learn more:


Speculation Rules API on Akamai

You may have heard of the Speculation Rules API, which is intended to increase speed for future navigations. Don’t miss @Scalemates’s insights on how to get started with this new technology with Akamai.

:arrow_right: Read more:


Learning Kubernetes “the Hard Way”: Akamai Connected Cloud Edition

Interested in learning how Kubernetes components are configured during cluster creation? @gaona 's walkthrough demonstrates how to construct a cluster “the hard way” to help you understand each step required to bootstrap a Kubernetes cluster.

:arrow_right: Read more:


Insights From the RUM Archive - FOSDEM 2024

The RUM Archive, a Real User Monitoring platform, holds millions of end users. It provides information about real-world performance and trends over time. @rmarx 's FOSDEM talk covers the RUM Archive’s operations, data analysis, and problems such as bias and noise. It also discusses web performance, rolling browser version updates, and the excessive reliance on web performance and optimization frameworks like CrUX (Chrome User Experience Report), Google Core Web Vitals, and Chromium.

The RUM Archive: Henri Helvetica With Nic Jansma

Speaking of the RUM Archive: Developer Henri Helvetica, who is passionate about site speed engineering and user experience, recently hosted a live broadcast with Nic Jansma, Distinguished Software Engineer at Akamai, in which the two talked about RUM, its data, and other topics. You can view the recording below if you missed the stream.

Check our Upcoming Events calendar to keep an eye on upcoming developer events.

Infrastructure as Code Video Series

In his new Infrastructure as Code video series, @justinmitchel explains how to set up and use Terraform as an IaC (Infrastructure as Code) tool. In the first episode of the series, he configures a remote session and creates a new project.

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