What’s New for Developers: 2023 Recap ⏪

Welcome to 2024! We hope you had a great start to the new year. 2023 was an exciting year for Akamai developers. We continued to support developers like you with releases for Akamai Terraform Provider and Terraform CLI, and improvements to TechDocs. In addition, we launched 13 new core cloud regions around the globe, created new EdgeWorkers use case demos, launched a LinkedIn page, and let’s not forget the launch of our new Discuss forum! In this month’s update, you’ll be able to browse last year’s most notable updates in case you missed them!

Community Highlights

Developer Discussion Forum

Last June, we launched this very Developer Discussion Forum, or Discuss. To ensure a successful launch with all the features that you needed, we gave employees and members of the Green Light beta program early access to beta test the platform. Our 105 beta testers did not disappoint and were instrumental in shaping this forum with their feedback. All beta testers were awarded a special forum badge and winners of our beta sweepstakes were able to win prizes.

Beta badge

On June 26th, 2023, we opened the forum to everyone for our public launch. If you were among those who joined within 30 days after launch, you received a special Early Adopter badge.

Early Adopter badge

In addition to the big batch of badges that we launched with, we designed new badges for members of our Green Light program to make participating in different types of betas even more fun. There are many more badges to come in 2024, so keep up the good work and make sure to check your profile to see the badges you’re earning.

Top 10 Members of the Year

Let’s give a round of applause to our top 10 community members of the year. :clap: @nexuspipe was sitting at the very top of our community leaderboard with a total of 73 Cheers points, followed by @David , and @jpayne . Next, we had @scuba_steve , @luca.agostini , @Mike , @justinmitchel , @EmanueleC , @eva2000 , and, last but not least, @windhamdavid as top user number 10.

Congrats to all of you and thank you for posting, interacting, and reading in our community! We highlight our new top 5 every month, so even if you didn’t make it in 2023, you can still earn points and be featured in the future.

Developer Release Highlights: Tools and Resources

13 New Core Compute Regions

We launched a whopping 13 new core compute regions around the world. This could not have happened without the beta testing feedback from our Green Light members. Thanks for all your help!

Click the locations to learn more about the new regions:

Akamai Terraform Provider & Terraform CLI Releases

For those of you using Terraform, we released Akamai Terraform Provider versions 3.3.0 through 5.5.0, and Akamai Terraform CLI 1.3.1 through 1.11.0 in 2023.

The Akamai Terraform Provider included important updates for BotMan and PAPI and the addition of Cloud Wrapper and Client Lists. We added several features and enhancements for AppSec, Client lists, Cloudlets, CPS, EdgeWorkers, IAM, and PAPI, including HCL support for managing property rule trees. Terraform Provider 5.4 came with several features and enhancements for Appsec, Client lists, cloudlets, CPS, EdgeWorkers, IAM, and PAPI, and a few bug fixes for GTM, IAM, and PAPI.

Akamai Terraform CLI version 1.4.0 introduced the ability to export a property as HCL. Terraform CLI 1.5.0 added support for bot management resources and Terraform CLI 1.10.0 of Terraform CLI introduced the ability to use the export-clientlist command to export data from akamai_clientlist_list and akamai_clientlist_activation resources.

Many of the improvements released in 2023 were based on your user feedback, thank you.

We look forward to continued support in 2024!

:arrow_right: Read the Terraform Provider release notes: https://github.com/akamai/terraform-provider-akamai/releases

:arrow_right: Read the Terraform CLI release notes: https://github.com/akamai/cli-terraform/releases

TechDocs Updates

TechDocs received several helpful improvements. We added Terraform subprovider and Powershell documentation to TechDocs and released a new TechDocs article on the EdgeWorkers html-rewriter module, its features, and how to use it to generate dynamic HTML content.

To support our APIs, we made OpenAPI schema files available on GitHub and added more API collections to Postman. The akamai-apis repo currently includes EdgeGrid APIs that you can access on TechDocs without a login. Where available, you’ll find links to these OpenAPI and Postman resources on TechDocs.

TechDocs now has a centralized release notes page so you can access all product release notes on TechDocs in one spot. You can also filter by product or category and get RSS feeds with this release.

:arrow_right: Read the Terraform docs: https://techdocs.akamai.com/terraform/docs/overview

:arrow_right: Read the Powershell docs: https://techdocs.akamai.com/powershell/docs

:arrow_right: Read the html-rewriter doc:

:arrow_right: View the akamai-apis repo on GitHub: https://github.com/akamai/akamai-apis/tree/main/apis

:arrow_right: View our Postman collections: https://www.postman.com/akamai/workspace/akamai-apis/overview

:arrow_right: View the consolidated release notes page:

New EgeWorkers Use Case Demos

Our Edge Compute Use Case site provides popular use cases, code snippets, and live examples to assist you in exploring how to use EdgeWorkers on your site or app. There were several new use cases added to the site in the past year. One such use case is “GET SET Cookie”. If it is saved in a cookie, “GET SET Cookie” implements an EdgeWorker that will respond with a welcome message. If not, the user will be prompted to input their name. You can now also experiment with a “Store Locator” use case.

:arrow_right: Check out all use cases: https://www.edgecompute.live/

Article & Video Highlights

How Akamai Protects Customers from HTTP/2 Rapid Reset DDoS Attacks

Akamai’s Dennis Birchard and Sandeep Rath wrote a blog post that provides a more detailed explanation of the HTTP/2 protocol, the Rapid Reset vulnerability, and how Akamai customers are maintaining a strong defense posture against DDoS attacks.

:arrow_right: Read the blog post: https://www.akamai.com/blog/security/akamai-protects-customers-http2-rapid-reset-ddos-attacks

Your APIs are Enabling Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) Attacks

Learn what Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) is, why it is dangerous and how to prevent it in this blog post by @melissen .

:arrow_right: Read the blog post: stop server-side request forgery

Increasing Throughput on Linux!

@nexuspipe , our top community member in 2023, contributed instructions for enabling the BBR (Bottleneck Bandwidth and Round-trip Time) congestion control algorithm in Linux to deliver content quicker. Read the post to learn how to boost your own traffic throughput.

:arrow_right: Read it here:


Why HTTP/3 is Eating the World

HTTP/3’s adoption rate on web servers and networks worldwide has been significantly expanding since its initial debut. In this blog article by Developer Champion @rmarx , you can learn more about HTTP/3 and the QUIC protocol.

:arrow_right: Read it here: https://pulse.internetsociety.org/blog/why-http-3-is-eating-the-world

Improve SEO with Akamai and Prerender.io

Akamai and prerender.io can help improve SEO by allowing search engines to crawl JavaScript tags. Learn more by reading Developer Champion @Scalemates ’ post.

:arrow_right: Read it here: https://discuss.akamai.com/t/improve-seo-with-akamai-and-prerender-io/

Improve Performance and SEO by Tuning for Crawlers

Understanding how to help crawlers get to the information they need quickly is critical. In this post, @Scalemates demonstrates how to use Akamai Bot Manager to improve performance and get your updates into SEO results faster.

:arrow_right: Read more here: https://discuss.akamai.com/t/improve-performance-and-seo-by-tuning-for-crawlers/

YouTube Milestone & New Video Series

We released more than 150 new videos in 2023 and reached a big milestone, 1 million subscribers on the Akamai Developer YouTube channel. Thanks to everyone who subscribed to our channel and helped us reach this landmark.

Read on for the four series we launched in 2023, starring our Developer Advocates.

Terraform Tapas Shorts

@melissen created a series of YouTube Shorts called Terraform Tapas featuring quickly digestible Terraform tips.

:arrow_right: Watch Terraform Tapas:

Building an Application with OpenAI

Artificial Intelligence was a big topic in 2023. In our OpenAI series, @agil explains how to incorporate AI technology into your applications.

:arrow_right: Watch the OpenAI series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTnRtjQN5iebEL4mradRNuZHKY47H7LFy

Build Applications with Infrastructure as Code

Developer Advocate @tnassi launched a series that guides you through how to build applications with Infrastructure as Code.

:arrow_right: Watch the Infrastructure as Code series:

File Uploads

Being able to upload files to the web is such a common feature that it could seem pretty simple to set up. However, there are a lot of ways to go about it and security issues to consider. @agil explains how to set up file uploads with JavaScript, in his File Uploads series.

:arrow_right: Watch the File Uploads series:

Terraforming Kubernetes

In his Terraforming Kubernetes series, @justinmitchel introduces the fundamentals of integrating Terraform with Kubernetes on Linode, including how to get started, create your project’s directory and configure Linode, all the way to deploying a cluster.

:arrow_right: Watch the Terraforming Kubernetes series:

Fundamentals of API Security

@melissen breaks down the fundamentals of API security to better equip you with the necessary skills to build APIs and protect them from cyber attacks.

:arrow_right: Watch the Fundamentals of API Security series:

For more videos and articles, check out our Content Repository (which has 206 tagged content items and counting). Watch out for more series coming this year!

And that’s a wrap!

What were your 2023 developer news highlights? Share your links and thoughts below. :speech_balloon:

We’ll be back with our usual monthly recaps full of new announcements in mid-February.