Welcome to our community!

Welcome to the Akamai Developer discussion forum!

This is your space to connect with other developers from around the globe. Read up on the latest developer news, share your knowledge, and learn about developer events, all while gaining points that help you unlock badges and climb the leaderboard.

Here’s a look at what features we have available for you!

Subscriptions & Notifications

You can use tags to filter content for topics that you are interested in and be notified if news related to those topics is published. If you are looking to learn more about a particular topic, make sure to subscribe to the tag and you’ll be notified when there’s something new to read or watch on the subject. Or maybe you’re an expert in a certain subject, subscribe to a tag to share your knowledge in new threads on the topic when another developer has a question.

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Dev Tips

This discussion forum is a great place to learn more about best practices for developer tools. Not only can you read about the cool work that other developers are doing (including our own experts in cloud, security, CDN, and much, much more), but if you have an article or video to share, you can post a knowledge article yourself. Our tagging system will ensure that anyone interested in the topic that you wrote about can be notified of your post, giving you more visibility and establishing you as an expert.

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Event Calendar

Don’t miss out on the latest developer events! You can RSVP to and comment on an event or create a new event for others to join. Follow the calendar to be notified of new virtual events, in-person events, and initiatives specifically for you that are run by the Akamai Developer Advocacy team, like contests and sweepstakes.

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Badges & Leaderboards

Learning and sharing knowledge in and of itself is already fun, but we want to make sure that you are rewarded for your contributions. That’s why we have created badges and leaderboards. Badges can be unlocked automatically by you performing a specific action, such as commenting on someone’s post or receiving a certain amount of likes, or they can be assigned to an account by staff, for example for participation in a specific program or developer community event.

Certain activities allow you to accrue “Cheers”, points that are used to update the community leaderboard. The leaderboard is a good indicator of who the community wizards are. Click on the avatars of members with a lot of Cheers to learn more about them and to see their latest posts. Who knows? Maybe you will make it to the top and get others to notice you. We always keep an eye on who’s the most active, as we’re planning on launching our external Champion program (more information to come).

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Where to Get Help

Forum Help

If you are unsure how to use a forum feature, make sure to check our support documentation for assistance. If you still have questions, suggestions, or if you are experiencing an issue, please post here.

Akamai Support

This forum is intended for discussions. It is not monitored by support staff for issues. If you are experiencing issues with Akamai’s products or services, please post in the support forum, file a support ticket, or reach out to your account manager.