Washington PoP Overview

(Reposting what I wrote in slack)

My findings for “Washington DC PoP” (This document will update as more findings are found.)

  • Latency (Linode ↔ Linode)
    196MS to Australia
    229MS to India
    15.7MS to Toronto
    29.8MS to Dallas
    63.2MS to Fremont
    13.9MS to Atlanta
    6.37MS to Newark
    73.8MS to London
    203MS to Singapore
    84.8MS to Frankfurt
    144MS to Tokyo

  • Latency (Linode ↔ DNS Server)
    0.536MS → Cloudflare DNS
    0.495MS → Google DNS
    0.760MS → Quad9 DNS

CPU Type: 7713 EPYC
(Values could be limited by the speedtest server and not linode)

Ingress: 9,602.59Mbps
Egress: 11,169.22Mbps
Disk Information:
1.6GB/s Read Speed
312MB/s Write speed

Network load test
(High ingress/egress traffic via Web Reverse Proxy)

Routed traffic over to this testing cluster to filter/inspect.
6Million Requests, 0 Drops in packets.

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