Unable to scope down api creds using Identity and Access Management API

I’m trying to use the Identity and Access Management API to create a new API client, scoped to specific APIs and specific groups in Akamai, but I’m having issues with the groupAccess fields in these docs

Specifying groups returns error “No access on groups”, but the creds I’m using for this call have admin access to all groups

groupAccess = {
cloneAuthorizedUserGroups: false,
groups: [
groupId: 123,
groupName: “string”,
parentGroupId: “123”,
roleName: “string”,
roleId: 123,
roleDescription: “string”,

Setting group access to clone my access works

groupAccess: {
cloneAuthorizedUserGroups: true,

@clairemr Thanks for joining our community. I’ve passed your question on, but there may be a bit of a delay, because the person is currently out of office. Thank you for your patience.

Interesting situation, I haven’t tried this myself and sadly I am at an event without laptop to replicate this.

If this is urgent, I recommend opening an AkaTec ticket with the details to get this looked at.

Otherwise I will try to replicate this myself when I am back home.

Thanks @melissen ,

No rush, happy to wait until you’re back in the office. I’m just curious whether the problem is on my end (misreading the docs) or with the api itself, will be interested to hear your findings!