Tips needed for creating a new cert enrollment using the API in postman

Hi Folks, I’m looking to save time of having to copy and paste so many things when creating a new SSL Cert. I can do so many other things with the API in postman, but the new enrollment POST transaction is tripping me up. I need clarification on a couple things, in the body of the post request, the first item …“id”: “10001”, was in my example I pulled from postman samples, I have nothing yet for this id when I do a GET for all my enrollments. Is “10001” the standard thing you put in when you have a new enrollment ?

Here is the error I get when I run it…

“type”: “”,
“title”: “Bad Request”,
“status”: 400
“method”: “POST”,
“serverIp”: “”,
“clientIp”: “”,
“requestId”: “427cid327”,
“requestTime”: “2024-02-22T21:33:57Z”

Hi jwkersey, thanks for reaching out. I am happy to help out trying to resolve this. Admittedly, there might be a limited amount of information here as I don’t see the complete body for the POST request.

Where exactly did you grab the example? I recommend looking at our TechDocs. On this link, you can find a body example:

The ‘id’ in question is most likely the CPS enrollment ID which should be empty / unknown when you are cloning the code to create a brand new enrollment.

Happy to help out. If you want to share code directly, you can email me as well (melissen).