Terraforming Kubernetes: Serverless with Knative Services and Eventing

This live training series covers how to deploy applications on Kubernetes, including containerization, automating with Terraform and GitHub Actions, managing services and storage, and implementing serverless deployments with Knative.

Session 4: Serverless with Knative Services and Eventing

  • Recap of Sessions 1-3 with Jupyter Notebook Deployments
    • Containerize Jupyter
    • Jupyter StatefulSet
    • Persistent Volumes
  • Install Knative on Kubernetes
  • Deploy a Serverless Container with Knative Serving
  • Installing Knative on the local Kubernetes cluster
  • Deploying a serverless application using Knative Serving
  • Scaling the serverless application and managing revisions
  • Introduction to Knative Eventing: Sources, Channels, and Subscriptions
  • Implementing a simple event-driven architecture with Knative Eventing


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