Tags and Subscriptions

Tags and subscriptions are a great way to find and be notified of the topics that are relevant to you. Here’s how to use them effectively.


Tags are labels for products, tools, languages, and other developer-related topics that can be applied to a topic, event, or knowledge article. Applying tags is not required but recommended, as it can make your post more discoverable and suggest similar content that you might be interested in.

Below, you can see a list of some of the tags that are currently available.

It’s worth noting that currently, only admins can create new tags to avoid typos and redundant tags, and to ensure that the number of tags remains manageable and easy to use.

To apply a tag to your post, search within the ‘tags’ field on your new post or when editing one of your existing posts.

Tags used for a post will show at the top, under the title, and to the right of the post’s category…

Subscriptions & Notifications

You can subscribe to tags, categories, and individual topics to be notified of new content that’s interesting to you.

To subscribe to a tag, click on the tag or filter a category for all posts with the tag, and then click on the bell icon on the right to select how you would like to be notified about new posts with the tag.

You can change your notification settings anytime by following the same steps. Go to your profile settings, clicking on Preferences and Notifications, and selecting your preferred options for likes, live notifications, and notification schedules.

By using tags and subscriptions, you can stay up to date on the topics that matter most to you and get the most out of your Discuss experience.