SIG Download: Episode Four - New Year, New Threats

Event banner with the Akamai logo at the top left, which shows the event title, Episode Four: New Year, New Threats, of the series Monthly Threat Brief: The SIG Download. The date is listed as Tuesday, 18 January 2024. There is a call to secure your spot today, so that you don't miss out. On the right, you can see photos of host Tricia Howard, Security Intelligence Group, Akamai, and Maxim Zavodchik, Threat Research Director, Akamai.

As we bid farewell to the holiday season, it’s important to reflect on the cybersecurity landscape that unfolded over the festive period and prepare ourselves for the challenges that lie ahead.

Join us for an insightful “New Year, New Threats” episode of the ‘Monthly Threat Brief: The SIG Download’ series, where Tricia Howard will be joined by Akamai’s threat research director, Maxim Zavodchik to delve into a comprehensive analysis of the cyber threats observed over the holiday season and discuss the emerging trends anticipated in the coming year.

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