Property Manager API | Criteria values size limit

Hello, I am trying to understand the limit of the values in a criteria.
For example in a snippet like the following:

    "criteria": [
            "name": "requestHeader",
            "options": {
                "matchOperator": "IS_ONE_OF",
                "matchWildcardName": false,
                "matchWildcardValue": false,
                "matchCaseSensitiveValue": true,
                "headerName": "Origin",
                "values": [

How many items can I put in the values attribute?
Is there any size limit for each item in the values attribute?
Should I be aware of any other meaningful limit?



Hi Luca, this is a good question.

You will potentially run into two limits. The first limit would be the request to update the rule/snippet, if you are using the Property Manager API, CLI or Terraform, you may run into a situation if the entire payload is over 8kb. Typically I haven’t seen this issue yet. Not even for very large configurations with tons of rules.

The other limit you will most likely hit would be the actual limit on the object - this being the Request Header behavior in Property Manager, the limit should be around 500+ objects and you can use wildcards. It should be documented here but I am not seeing the object limits.

I will ask our documentation team to address that.

Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions on this. Happy to help.


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Thanks Mike, only a question about how you calculate the 8KB payload. We are using API to provision and configure property and, at this time (yes, we know we can do it better), our working template is already about 275KB (uncompressed plain JSON text without minimization).

To get a context to the tech question, we are aware of the wildcard, but the use case is to put a domain blacklist checking the referer and the origin headers and we have already seen 60/70+ domains that cannot be grouped with a wildcard and the scope is to understand how far we are from the limit (500 is certenly good enough).


Apologies for the confusion, but I made a mistake. The Property Manager API has different limits because of the payload size of rules and behaviors. Here are the documented limits:

I tried testing the limits today. I used Postman to run the PUT Update the config rule tree on a test configuration.

For the amount of elements in the criteria match (request header), I have been successful at sending in 20000+ elements. I hope that should be sufficient, I don’t think I have ever seen more than 1000 matches for things like IP ranges or indeed hostnames/domains in properties before.

When it comes to the request size, I have been testing this by adding enormous Lorem Ipsum text blobs as elements. The JSON file size is over 3MB compressed and goes through without issues. I think that should cover it as well from a request payload perspective.

Based on your use-case, I believe it should easily cover the Origin Referer checks of 70+ domains.

I hope that helps, please let me know if you have any follow-up questions about this.


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