Posting Issue 'New member: James from Manchester, UK'

I was thinking how it was misleading to title my post, “New member: James from Manchester, UK” as instructed, but now it’s just a matter of quibbling over towns and trivia.


Multiple errors occurred: 1) Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post. 2) Sorry, you can’t include links in your posts.

I may have to post some unspecified number of times or pass some other secret test before I can share pictures of a ZX Spectrum or link to the pages on this site which instruct us.

Hello and welcome to the community, @AJCxZ0! I’m sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues when trying to publish your first post. I’ve split your post off the original topic (New member: James from Manchester, UK) and moved it to our Forum Support section, as we troubleshoot what might be going on here.

My initial guess is that you were using exactly the same title as James Steel, which was preventing you from publishing your post. Am I understanding this correctly? You also mention sharing a picture. What file format does the image have? What website did you want to link to?

Thanks in advance for your response. I’m now curious what the issue is myself.

Hullo, @Jessica_CM. Thanks for quickly stepping in to help.

Nope. I was just replying to @James_Steel 's post.


This one. Obviously I can’t put the URL.

FWIW, I presumed this was a new subscriber anti-abuse mechanism configured in Discuss, but I have seen no mention of such.