Poll: Light Mode or Dark Mode?

As you might have noticed, you can toggle between light and dark mode by clicking on the sun or the moon icon on the top right, to the left of your avatar image. :bulb:

A screenshot that shows the option icons to the left of the avatar: The leaderboard icon, the chat icon, the light/dark mode toggle, the search icon, and the options menu

Many developers have a strong preference for one or the other. So, what’s your preference for the forum UI - light mode or dark mode?

What’s your preferred option?

  • Light mode
  • Dark mode
  • I switch between the two
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Explanations are welcome. :wink:

I’m not trying to sway opinions here, but as you may have deduced from my screenshot above, I prefer dark mode, not just because I prefer the way it looks, but because it also seems to be easier on my eyes.

Dark or light depends on the website. I used a long time the dark style (plugins) but realized I could build a website with those activated.

I prefer to build to build it that the user can select. They are the end-users, not us as developers who might prefer dark mode.

Hello and welcome to our community, @mrEckendonk! You’re definitely right. It’s always best to give users the option to choose, as preferences vary. :slight_smile: