New Member: Micki from SC/GA (US)

Hey y’all, excited to be here! I am honored to be working with our amazing Akamai Cloud Partners as a Channel Account Manager.

  • Where are you in the world?
    Usually you can find bouncing between South Carolina & Georgia

  • How long have you been in the tech Industry?
    Professionally about 7 years

  • Favorite part of the job?
    Meeting new people and helping out along the way! I love not only learning from others – what you found to help you succeed and what challenges you are working to overcome-- but also connecting dots with others in similar situations, assisting with enablement, and celebrating the little and big wins with you.

  • Favorite hobbies outside of the job?
    Still meeting new people :hugs: also chasing my goals of visiting all MLB parks and going to every Grande Prix at least once!

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Welcome @meubanks! Love the F1 dream - that’s a great one to shoot for!