New member: James from Manchester, UK

So following the ‘How to introduce yourself’ post

  • Where are you in the world?

I’m James, I work as Partner Community Advocate on the cloud computing side, based out of Manchester UK (not so sunny Rochdale to be exact!) .

  • What was your first computer?

Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k Computer (deluxe edition - microdrive and rubber keys!)

  • How long have you been in the tech Industry?

Long enough to turn fully grey in the process (a little over 20 years).

  • Particular challenge, problem or opportunity that you have in your business at the moment

One of the challenges I have is around delegation. Taking on too much personally instead of following the golden rules I know only too well of utilising team members to do those things that I don’t personally need to be doing!

:snowflake: ICE BREAKERS

:goggles: VR
:racing_car: Motorsport and Formula 1
:camera_flash: Videography and Photography
:headphones: Questionable rave music from the early 90’s

Would love to also connect with tech service provider businesses via LinkedIn so feel free to connect.


My 1st was also the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, but if my memory serves me right, it was the 16K version. Hard to believe we could program and play games with just that much memory back then lol.
Welcome to the forum.

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