New LEARNK8S LAB SERIES: Cost optimization and efficiency in Kubernetes: doing more with less

The theme of this 3-part virtual lab series is cost optimization in Kubernetes. The plan is to tackle three main areas:

  • Cost planning and estimation.
  • Efficiency gains from running workloads only when needed.
  • Ongoing workload optimization.

You will learn how to:

  • Plan and architect clusters with the right resources and optimize them for utilizing resources in full.
  • Configure and tune different autoscaler to work in concert.
  • Dynamically reallocate resources in your cluster to optimize resources.

This event is for:

  • Software developers interested in leveraging Kubernetes for scaling application workloads.
  • Solution architects responsible for designing scalable and cost-effective Kubernetes clusters.
  • DevOps engineers looking to strengthen their expertise in Kubernetes and scaling workloads optimizing costs.

You can expect:

  • A detailed lab series covering the theory of scaling applications, resource allocations in worker nodes and Kubernetes scheduling mechanics.
  • A detailed write-up where you can reproduce the same demo you observed during the webinar.
  • A collection of scripts and code you can customize to build your demo.

How to (right) size your Kubernetes cluster for efficiency (September 14th)

In this lab, you’ll learn resource allocation in Kubernetes, including considerations for node size, memory, and CPU availability to pods, and the impact of requests, limits, and reservations on workload deployment and optimization.

Kubernetes (down)scaling: combining autoscalers for minimal resource allocations (September 28th)

In this lab, learn about cost reduction through workload optimization, including scaling based on demand, intelligently managing worker nodes, and leveraging the horizontal and cluster autoscalers for efficient cluster expansion and contraction…

Dynamically rebalancing workloads and optimizing resource utilization in Kubernetes (October 12th)
In this lab, you’ll learn about Kubernetes’ intrinsic workload imbalance issues, delve into the functionality of the Descheduler for intelligent pod reallocation, and gain essential insights into the scheduler along with policy definition for optimizing placements.

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