Linode - Restore backup to new Linode

I’ve initiated a new VM to be created from an existing VM’s latest backup image. The “restoration” step of the process has taken over 2 hours so far. What is the expected timing to do a backup restore for a 160GB disk?

If this timing seems to align with the average, I don’t think the backup service is of much use to us. It seems like we would be better off automating the deployment of a completely new VM and just restoring data.

Would anyone else mind sharing your experience with the Linode backup/restoration process?

Thank you,


Hey Jeff!

In general, the more data or files stored on a disk, the longer a restoration will take. This isn’t inherently an issue (with the hardware/infrastructure) as much as the way the service works. That said, if you believe a restoration attempt has frozen or encountered an error, we can investigate if you open a ticket:

For more information about Backup restoration times and ways to investigate your overall file count, be sure to check out discussion of this on our Linode Community site:

I was really hoping that restoring a backup to a new VM would be similar in speed to migrating an existing vm to a new host machine. This isn’t very useable for us at this pace.

Hi Jeff!
I have forwarded your feedback to the team. Improving our Backups product is on our roadmap with overall performance/time to restoration being a significant priority. We appreciate the necessary feedback!