Fix footer to match theme or eliminate it

The forum has several dark themes and defaults to one, which is no doubt appreciated by the significant majority of users, however the enormous footer the brightest white on the darkest theme and almost as bright on the others.

Please either code the existing footer to follow the theme, replace it with one more suitable for Discuss which follows the theme, or remove this unnecessary element, confident that can find all the resources mentioned without having them on every single page.


Thanks for the feedback. I see what you mean. Let me look into changing the footer.

@AJCxZ0 I’ve changed the colors so that the footer blends in with the dark theme and there is slightly less contrast with the bright theme. Thanks again for your feedback.

Thank you, @Jessica_CM. I appreciate your effort addressing this issue and this change is a substantial improvement.

The new fixed grey (Medium jungle green) footer looks great with the Akamai Dark and Dark (which look the same to me) and light themes, good enough with WCAG Dark (my preferred theme), bad with Dracula and awful with Solarized Dark.
My experience with CSS and Discourse themes is sufficiently limited that the chance of suggesting something like Easy Responsive Footer being actually helpful is small, but I would like to think that having a footer which adapts to the theme is a viable option.

The Easy Response Footer theme component was what we were using before you mentioned the stark contrast between the footer and the light and dark color schemes. The new footer is based on those two color themes, as they are the official themes for this forum and use Akamai colors. It may not work with other themes.