Dockerfile-less Deployment to Kubernetes with Pack

Justin Mitchel and Talia Nassi are back for a new LinkedIn Live session. Take a break from your week and join our hosts for “Dockerfile-less Deployment to Kubernetes with Pack.” In this live demo and Q+A session, you’ll discover the power of Pack to bundle your app into a Docker image.


I’ll be there! We’ll be using Buildpacks to create a container for apps. Once we do that, we’ll deploy it to Kubernetes.

The idea here is that we can empower team members to deploy apps without learning how to design a Dockerfile. Dockerfiles are an added complexity that might cause headaches and hesitation into adopting containers. Our goal with this workshop is to show how effective buildpacks can be into creating a more sustainable and portable way of distributing your apps.

Let me know if you have questions!

Who’s going to join @justinmitchel and @tnassi in the chat next week?

Thanks to everyone who joined us yesterday. If you missed the event or would like to rewatch it, click on the event link above.