ConfigurationID for LDS

In an account, I would like to create a list of CP codes that do not have LDS (Log Delivery Service) or Spinning enabled.

Can someone please point to the API endpoints that can be used for this purpose?

Just as FYI, I am aware of this link:

There is the API: List log sources. But this endpoint output does not tell me if LDS/Spinning is enabled or not.

Then there is,
But with this one, it seems I cant get a ConfigurationID if there is no LDS configured.

Hope this is making sense; if you have any questions or require any additional information, feel free to let me know.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Thanks Shahriar for the question on LDS.

I took a look at the Log Delivery Service API and it doesn’t look like there is an endpoint available to list all CP Codes and whether or not they have LDS enabled or not. You are correct that without a configurationID, you cannot use the Get a log configuration endpoint.

In this case, I recommend to rely on the User Interface here. Akamai Control Center’s Log Delivery Service interface has filtering options on Status which should make it relatively easy to see which CP Codes are not yet enabled for LDS.

Here is a screenshot, clicking on Status right under Page Size helps to show what is enabled and what is not enabled:

You can then use this POST Create a new log configuration to create the LDS delivery through API:

Please note that the UI is only showing the CP Code ID. For instance in the screenshot, the CP Code is 1175217 for www.securitylevel.up. The logSourceID you need for the POST request will be 1-1175217. So you will have to add this 1- in front of it. The other required fields should hopefully be straightforward according to the TechDocs documentation.

Final note is on Log Delivery Service as a solution itself. As of 31st March 2023 LDS is no longer a product for sale. Existing customers may continue to use LDS, but all future development efforts will be focused on enhancing and adding functionality to DataStream.

I do recommend to look into DataStream as an improved logging solution.

If you have any follow-up questions, feel free to ping me on our internal communication tool.

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Thanks very much for the detailed response Mike!

I will see what I can do with what we have got currently and will reach out if I need further assistance.

Thank you!

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