Beating Latency with a Distributed Cloud (Cloud Expo)

"In this use case driven session we uncover the design choices, challenges and best practices when migrating (the largest scale modeling website in the world) from a single datacenter to a distributed automated cloud architecture on Akamai and Linode.

The main goal was improving performance of non cacheable HTML and API across the globe.

We will cover:

  • Understanding the problem (speed of ultra dynamic content)
  • Design options
    • Picking the most impactful Datacenter locations
    • Sizing and scalability options
    • Load balancing considerations at the Edge
    • Containerization (K8S) or not?
    • Distributed data and caching concerns
    • What to run at the Edge/Cloud?
  • Automation
    • Automation using Terraform (CDN and Infra)
    • When to stop automating
    • Gradual rollout to validating results
  • Results and Future improvements"