Akamai World Tour 2023 - APJ | Delhi

Applications are at the center of everything you do. And it’s no wonder. Secure, high-availability applications run your business and the world.

But it has never been harder to secure them, or build, deploy, and scale them in the cloud at a low cost, with portability and no lock-in.

Come tackle these central challenges with us, when Akamai World Tour lands in Delhi. Akamai CEO and Co-Founder Tom Leighton kicks off the day’s keynote sessions with the vision and roadmap for our unique approach to security and cloud computing.

Following keynotes, you’ll dive into interactive experiences, workshops, and 1:1 meetings with Akamai experts and leaders in security and cloud computing — ending the day with a cocktail reception where you can network and unwind.

Join us to learn how you can lean in to scale and grow your enterprise securely.

Registrations close on 19 September 2023, Tuesday. Save your spot!