Akamai Tech Day Berlin

Let’s learn together
If learning more about solutions while networking with your peers is important to you, then reserve your seat at Akamai Tech Day in Berlin.

CDN Performance Best Practices 2023
Avoid making these 8 mistakes that can ruin your CDN performance
RUM Best Practices
With these custom timers, tailored dimensions, and analysis techniques, you will get most out of your mPulse real user monitoring data
EdgeWorkers and Performance
We explore interesting use cases and best practices to speed up your EdgeWorkers and EdgeKV code
Modern Browser Networking Protocols
A technical deep dive into HTTP/3, QUIC, 0-RTT, early hints, client hints, and priorities
Use Case: Beating Latency in a Distributed Cloud
How a distributed architecture (cloud + edge) was used to beat latency for the global user base of scalemates.com (largest scale-modeling platform in the world)
Compute/Delivery Roadmap
Recent platform improvements, features, beta programs, tech previews, and rollouts improving your performance
Use Case: Track CDN Performance Metrics with Datastream Dashboards
Example of how performance-related projects can be implemented in the cloud

And many more …