Akamai Tech Day: Amsterdam

If learning more about solutions while networking with your peers is important to you, then reserve your seat at Akamai Tech Day in Amsterdam on Wednesday, 7 June 2023.

Hear from our keynote speaker, leadership philosopher Michael Andersen, on the topic of ransomware negotiation and the psychology behind it. Michael will cover how 95% of all successful cyberattacks are successful due to human mistakes and organizational mindsets.

Other sessions include:

  • Ransomware in the Wild
  • HTTP/3 in Production
  • Access Control with Akamai Edgeworkers
  • The New Features in Akamai Web Security
  • Future of Distributed Compute
  • The Akamai Terraform Provider
  • Data Science Behind Akamai Bot Manager
  • Network Design at Scale
  • Security Operations Cyber Attack Management

Community member speaker:

This was an excellent event! :+1:

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