Add private address to /etc/hosts when creating NodeBalancers

The training video said it needs to add the private address and hostname to the /etc/hosts file when creating the NodeBalancers. But it seems the load balancer works well if I do not add the record to the Hosts file. Is it necessary or best practice to do the same as the training video suggests?

Hi Brian,

Making changes to your HOSTS file (/etc/hosts) is only necessary if you want to do local testing. The NodeBalancer IP should be available once it is deployed and can be accessed.

I am not sure which training video you are referring to, could you link it for me so I can take a look at the instructions? Thanks in advance.

Hi Melissen,

Thanks for the explanation. The training video title is “Server Scaling” in “Cloud Computing Masterclass & Certification”, beginning at 22:39.

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